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Allotment API


defaultSizesnumber[]An array of initial sizes of the panes. If the sum of the sizes differs from the size of the container then the panes' sizes will be scaled proportionally.
maxSizenumberMaximum size of any pane.
minSizenumberMinimum size of any pane.
proportionalLayoutbooleantrueResize each view proportionally when resizing container.
separatorbooleantrueWhether to render a separator between panes.
snapbooleanfalseEnable snap to zero for all panes.
verticalbooleanfalseDirection to split. If true then the panes will be stacked vertically, otherwise they will be stacked horizontally.
onResetfuncCallback that is fired whenever the user double clicks a sash
onVisibleChangefuncCallback that is fired whenever the user changes the visibility of a pane by snapping. Note that this will only be called if the new value is different from the current visible prop on the Pane.